Hi, I'm Melinda Kincaid, an experienced psychotherapist, dedicated to helping you find balance.


We are all beautiful. We are all human and have struggles. Discovering and understanding these truths in effort to live a fuller life, is what I can help you to do. Arriving at a place of self-acceptance, strengthening your sense of self, and believing in that power is necessary. Accepting what is, what we control and do not control, and putting action behind that, encourages us to let go of things we waste our valuable energy on.

I believe in your ability to do this. I believe in my ability to help you find, connect to, and utilize this in your life. I can help you explore, process and put action behind your intention.

I utilize art therapy, relaxation and mindfulness, as well as practical solution focused approaches. By combining these therapies, we address the whole person & attend to the importance of the mind/body connection in the healing process.

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